What is LSCOBA Global Alliance (GA?)

Global Alliance (GA) is not a registered association or entity; it is nothing more than a voluntary working group formed by representatives from OBA chapters including Hong Kong, and participation is available to all OBA chapters worldwide. GA members or their respective Chapters have no financial obligation or liability because all participations are strictly voluntary basis.

Defined Missions

The Global Alliance is formed to serve three fundamental missions; they are:

  • To connect (or re-connect) all old boys worldwide through effective and open communication channels and platforms;
  • To serve the needs of regional and worldwide old boys communities;
  • To support and contribute to the needs of La Salle College and La Salle Primary School.

GA belongs to all old boys and its existence requires contributions from the old boys, in particular, the GA representatives. There should not be any self-interest or hidden agenda behind one’s participation, and in reality, GA is only a project team ready for actions in supporting the La Salle communities.

Additional information