Organizational Structure

There are seven (7) founding chapters for GA with representatives from Edmonton, Hong Kong, New York/East Coast, San Francisco and Bay Area, Southern California, Toronto and Vancouver. Anticipating chapters may include Australia, Chicago, London, Montreal, Shanghai and Singapore, and GA welcomes all OBA chapters to participate.

Chapter representative(s) - Each participating chapter will appoint two (2) representatives or one (1) as minimum to the GA; and for continuity purpose, it is recommended that the appointees are independent from their local election. There is no limitation on the length of each appointment as it is the sole decision of the local chapter.

Five-Executives are chosen among all GA representatives to take up the posts of chairman, vice-chairman, secretary general, treasurer and administrator. They will serve a 2-year term with two (2) consecutive terms maximum, their term begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Their duties are to get things organized and to keep them moving ahead, the teamwork of all GA representatives is what it will take for any GA project to be successful.

On voting right, there will be one (1) vote per chapter regardless of how many chapter representatives (workers) in the GA.  If in the event where a tie-breaker is needed, the chairman will have the honor to cast that one (1) decisive vote.

To maintain its function, GA will need a general operation budget to take care of the administrative costs such as operation & maintenance associated with the IT systems. It is anticipated that GA’s treasurer will be responsible for all the financial matters including set up, collection and management of the budget.

Additional information